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A Brief Introduction of the High Frequency Plastic Welder

The high frequency plastic welder (namely high frequency machine) is mainly used for all kinds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based plastic fusion, welding, gold stamping, etc. As the first choice of equipment for plastic thermal sealing, it makes use of high frequency electric field to make the internal plastic molecules oscillate and generate heat energy so as to do all kinds of products fusion. It is suitable for blister packaging (including the thermal sealing and trimming of upper and lower double blister, the thermal sealing and trimming of blister and cardboard by the blister packaging machine), the thermal sealing processing of automotive inner decoration, trademark, pencil case, raincoat, blowing toys, plastic cover, cool liquid mat, footwear products, cushion, all kinds of bags and portable soft bag, and the impression of all kinds of concave and convex shape of decorative pattern design and alphabetic writing. If it is equipped with a simple device, gold stamping can also be achieved.

The advantages of high frequency plastic welder:

The output power is strong, and the frequency generated by the oscillator of the high frequency plastic welder  is 27.12MHz or 40.68MHz, which conforms to the international industrial standards. The special electronic circuit of various control devices can avoid improper operation. The blister packaging machine can also fuse products in the fastest time and improve the product output. High sensitivity spark prevention device can automatically cut off the high frequency circuit when the spark is generated, so that the damage in the machine and objects can be reduced. When the current is too high, the high voltage will be automatically cut off to protect the oscillation tube and rectifier.

The announcements when using frequency plastic welder:

When high frequency is heating up, the mould and sizing material must be kept clean, otherwise there will be the arcing phenomenon. If it does happen, check whether the mould is burned. if there is a gap, it must be repaired. If the mould is not clean, then clean it with mould washing water (banana oil). Ground wire copper sheet is often damaged under pressure. And replacement is required if there is damage. Water from compressed air will be stored in the water bottle. Please drain water from the water bottle before using the machine.

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