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Advantages of Double Impulse Welding

All the wave peaks of single impulse welding are the same, such as NNNNN, double impulse welding is equivalent to the superposition of two single pulses with the same period and different phases, that is, one period may have two peaks nNnNnN. In the same way, multiple pulses are like nNvnNvnNv. At present, single pulse and double pulse are mostly used in welding. Single pulse mainly welding stainless steel and aluminum, and double pulse mainly welding aluminum. In general, the aluminum welding seam of single-pulse welding is bulging, and the impact force of double-impulse welding is large, so the welding seam can be relatively flat and the fish-scale lines are relatively clear.

Conventional pulse gas welding: only one pulse.

Double impulse welding is a welding method developed on the basis of pulse gas welding. It is an alternate welding method with two different current pulse gas welding. It is mainly used in the welding of aluminum alloy. In addition, this welding method can effectively control the heat input, which is similar to the pulsed argon arc. It can be fully welded without penetration, and is suitable for all metal welding. It is an advanced welding method.

Digital double pulse gas shielded welding machine is on the basis of the single pulse superposition of a pulse, that is, a high frequency pulse superposition, a low frequency pulse can be understood as a large pulse energy for melting drip, another pulse for melt dripping transition and stir welding pool, usually 3-5 times a second transition, thus to realize the coordination, the size of energy especially suitable for thin plate welding, welding technique without swinging beautiful fish scales can be realized on the grain effect.

Advantages: no spatter in welding process, small heat affected area, especially obvious advantages in thin plate welding, can ensure the consistency of energy waveform output from beginning to end, and fully maintain the consistency of weld depth and weld pile height.

Double impulse welding can be used for welding aluminum alloy and stainless steel. No spatter during welding, easy to operate, suitable for manual and automatic welding, arc stability, adjustable depth, beautiful shape, less porosity, excellent mechanical properties and other characteristics! Widely used in aluminum alloy, steel ships, locomotives, auto parts, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, colleges and research institutions, heavy machinery, pipe, steel structure, coal mining machinery.
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