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Advantages of High Frequency Plastic Welder

The high frequency plastic welder covers a wide range of fields and it can play many roles. The working principle is also very simple. High frequency electromagnetic waves are emitted in the oscillating barrel through the high frequency oscillating tube, and then transmitted to the upper and lower electrodes of the head of the equipment through the high frequency circuit to generate a high frequency electromagnetic field and thus generate heat energy. When the heat energy reaches the melting point of the plastic product, it can be used for welding, fusing, welding and other processes, and it can also be used in the embossing process of leather products. Therefore, what are the advantages of the high frequency plastic welder? Liaoning Yufei will introduce it in the following.

1. High frequency plastic welder has high performance model

Because of the overall innovative design combined with ergonomics and professional technology, the high frequency plastic welder can give full play to its performance when handling various types of plastic products without reducing the quality and safety due to the proficiency of the operation.

2. High frequency plastic welder has innovative models

The first combination of machine tool and oscillation can reduce the area occupied by 30% in a limited space. And it can shorten the high frequency transmission circuit to improve the output efficiency and the most stable oscillation frequency.

3. High frequency plastic welder has professional configuration design

Improper operation can be avoided to prevent radio wave interference (such as TV) and increase mechanical performance and work efficiency.

4. High frequency plastic welder has spark suppression and safety device

When sparks are generated, it can automatically cut off the high frequency circuit to minimize damage to parts and objects. When the current is overloaded, it can automatically cut off the oscillating tube and rectifier circuit, which can avoid frequency drift caused by improper operation.

The above is the introduction to the advantages of the high frequency plastic welder. High frequency plastic welder is mainly used for the molding of various plastic products, and it can automatically trim different shapes of bubble-cap or bubble shells. It is suitable for PVC double-sided blister sealing, blister and paper card sealing, environmental protection APET film folding, soft wire indentation and punching forming, environmental protection APET double-sided blister sealing contract while trimming, special material sealing. It is also suitable for the heat sealing processing for blister packaging, automotive interior accessories, trademarks, stationery boxes, raincoats, inflatable toys, plastic covers, cooling fluid pads, footwear products, cushions, various packaging bags, soft portable bags, etc. Moreover, it is suitable for the compression of various concave and convex-shaped patterns and letters.

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