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Application of High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine in Various Industries

The industries using high frequency plastic welding machine are as following :

Processing a thermal welding sealing such as:  blister sealing, PVC plastic blister sealing, PVC blister welding, PVC plastic bubble shell, battery sealed packing sealing, hardware tools, PETG blister sealing, blister cardboard sealing, U disk sealing packing sealing, memory chips, PVC blister welding, high frequency plastic welding, high frequency plastic welding, high frequency plastic sealing, double blister sealing, PVC blister sealing double-sided, double-sided board blister sealing, cardboard blister sealing, plastic heat sealing welding, and so on.

Toy stationery industry: gift bags, basketball embossing, photo album, photo album, business card inside page, high frequency welding, mouse pad, mirror box welding embossing, etc.

Leather cases industry: leather, leather, leather welding, embossing, heat bonding, fuse, towel cases embossing;

Door mat carpet industry: PVC door mat embossing, door mat welding, plastic door mat embossing, carpet embossing, floor mat welding, floor mat embossing, cushion embossing, s-type cushion welding, electric vehicle cushion embossing, cushion welding, locomotive cushion, cushion welding, etc.;

Automotive interior products industry: automotive steering wheel cover, anti-lattice thermal bonding, reflective paste thermal bonding, reflective film thermal bonding, automotive cushion, cushion, pad welding, backrest, pad embossing, etc.;

Other industries: life jacket, rafting boat, rafting boat, floating row, curtain, shower curtain, inflatable pool, swimming pool, health mattress, jade mattress, inflatable mattress, inflatable sofa, wire harness, water capsule and other high cycle welding molding!
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