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Back Fabrics Cutting After the Welding of Automobile Sunscreen Shade

The back fabric cutting after the welding of the automobile sunscreen shade is a question that the users of the high frequency welding machine mostly care about. In the traditional process, artificial torn edge and trimming are required after welding the sunscreen shade. As a matter of fact, this work can be done automatically by a high frequency machine.

After cooling the automobile sunscreen shade, the design will be finalized, fully automatic high frequency welding will forcing automatically, release pressures around 20 t, the pressure acting on the high strength die will make sunscreen shade of PVC fabrics and textile fabrics cut off neatly, the edge of sunscreen shade is very smooth, the beautiful degree is much better than the effect of artificial torn edges. Users of the high frequency machine need to be reminded that: when select equipment, remember to choose a high control precision one with a perfect protection function, lest damage the mould if the sparks struck frequently, or to prevent that the loss of accuracy might do harm to the mould blade which will increase the cost of the final-period cost.

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