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The Characteristics and Advantages of Unify's Heat Sealing with High Frequency

High—frequency heat sealing/ high—frequency sealing machine / high-frequency welding machine / high—frequency plastic welding machine is the first choice of plastic heat sealing equipment. The principle is different from plastic welding machine with conduction of heat because it is the use of high-frequency electric field polar molecules to produce plastic torsion friction heat, and thus to achieve the purpose of welding. The welding temperature is uniform in the outside and the inside.

It is mainly used for all kinds of plastic welding, welding, etc., which are on the basis of PVC (PVC). And it makes blister with different shapes or blisters plastic to weld automatically as well as trimming at the same time. It is suitable to use for two-sided welding of plastic uptake, bubble shell of plastic uptake and for sealing paper card. For special plastic material (PE, PS, PETG) with sealing, the PVC material with more than 30% for plastic welding is the best. Plastic packaging contains (including two-sided blister, blister, and cardboard with heat)automotive interior leather, trademarks, stationery, raincoats, inflatable toys, plastic products, shoe cover, bed, cushion, bags, handbags and other soft sealing processing, pressing various concave-convex patterns, alphabet, bronzing etc..

※ The stabilization of frequency

Yu Fei high frequency adopts the industrial band 6.78/13.56/27.12/40.68MHZ and designs a filter, bypass, isolation device which has a little interference to the outside equipment and reach 1/100 of radiant frequency in national standards according to the International Committee on radio interference (CISPR). It is far better than the national standard.

※ The suspension of sparks

Yu Fei high frequency with high sensitivity spark suppression circuit can accurately detect spark current imbalance, and to cut off oscillating circuit to suspend sparks quickly as they are produced in the instant, making minimize the damage to mold, raw materials, and products. In the meantime, the warning lights will raise up.

※ The automatic control of oscillating current

The oscillating current of adjusting the material thickness of Yu Fei high-frequency output power can be set according to the size and thickness of the products. And then the current will be regulated automatically to control the degree of welding in order to ensure the quality of products are uniform. Also, it can lower the consuming time of welding greatly and increase the productive speed of the machine.

The high frequency of Yu Fei is equipped with overvoltage and overcurrent protection device. It can automatically cut off the high voltage to protect the oscillation tube and rectifier when the work is abnormal and avoid the frequency drift caused by improper operation.

Yu Fei is committed to decades of research on high frequency and high frequency equipment. Their products are exported to India, Thailand, Ukraine, Turkey, Slovakia, Russia, and other countries. It is leading in technology whose new models maintains international leadership from the beginning to end. It is popular among the customers home and abroad and receives identical favorable comments.
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