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Characteristics of HF Plastic Welding Machine

1. The basic principle of HF plastic welding machine

The high-frequency plastic welding machine adopts high-frequency equipment to use high-voltage rectification and self-excited high-frequency electron tubes to oscillate and instantly generate high-frequency electromagnetic wave electric fields. Using processed PVC, TPU, EVA, PET and other plastics and plastic raw materials in the high-frequency electromagnetic wave electric field, the internal molecules of the material are polarized to generate heat by themselves, and a certain pressure is added to make the required hot-melt welding embossed plastic products, which can achieve the purpose of welding, sealing and embossing.

2. The characteristics of HF plastic welding machine

(1) The cycle rate of HF plastic welder is stable. Using vacuum tubes, the output power is stable, the oscillation frequency is the international industrial band of 27.12MHz to make the output frequency stable and in line with international standards.

(2) The pressure of the powerful head of the high frequency plastic welding machine can be adjusted at will. The design of the head uses the principle of the toggle to push the lever, which can make the pressure even, up and down smoothly. The maximum pressure can reach 400KG. The head pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the needs of different welding depths. Equipped with double springs, it has ultra light pedal force and standard pressure, allowing the product to maintain excellent performance, which is especially suitable for difficult-to-align products.

(3) Electric wave avoiding interference device of the high frequency plastic welding machine. It is equipped with high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency shielding device to minimize high-frequency interference.

(4) High frequency plastic welding machine has strong output power. The low-loss coaxial resonator is used to make the output power strong, and the product be welded in a rapid time, which greatly increases the production volume.

(5) Safety protection device for high frequency plastic welding machine. When the current load exceeds the limit value during operation, the overload current relay will automatically cut off the high voltage to protect the oscillating tube and rectifier. This machine is also equipped with a high-sensitivity spark suppressor, which can avoid frequency drift caused by improper operation and reduce damage to electrodes and materials. At the same time, the warning light also lights up to warn.

(6) Heating device of high-frequency plastic welding machine. The stepless heating and temperature adjustment device can adjust the temperature according to the production needs of different products, so that the work efficiency is higher.

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