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Common Maintenance Problems Of RF Welder

After RF welder for sale by enterprises, there may be some breakdowns. Therefore, after RF welder for sale, enterprises need to provide after-sales service, including finding out the cause of failure, treatment, maintenance and so on. Liaoning Yufei High-Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional RF welder manufacturing enterprise, devoted to the design, production, rf welder for sale and it provides thoughtful after-sales maintenance services?

Common failures of welder mainly include the following aspects:
1. The welder has no welding current output
The cause of the problem: no voltage input at the welding machine input end; The internal wiring is off or broken; The inner coil is burnt out.

Treatment: check whether the switch, wire, fuse wire and connection parts from the distribution box to the input end of the welding machine are intact. Check whether the wiring of switches and coils in the welder is intact. Check whether the primary windings and secondary windings of the welding machine are burnt (generally, the burn marks can be seen, and special smells will be smelled when burned). If the windings are burnt out, they should be replaced.

2. Small welding current or difficult arc ignition
The cause of the problem: Grid voltage is too low; the cross-sectional area of the power supply input line is too small (high resistance, high voltage loss); the welding cable is too long or the sectional area is too small; there are contaminants such as paint on the workpiece; bad contact between output cable and workpiece, loose current regulator.

Treatment: use it only after the grid voltage is restored to the rated value. According to the rated input current of the welding machine, equip it with enough cross-sectional area of the power cord. Increase the sectional area of welding cable or reduce the length of welding cable, generally not more than 15m. Remove dirt at the welding seam. Make the output cable in good contact with the workpiece and fix the loose part of the current regulator.

3. The welding machine is overheating, smoking or has burnt taste
The cause of the problem: the welding machine is overload; the grid voltage is too high; Wrong wiring. The common reason is that for welding machines with 220V and 380V voltage, 380V voltage is connected to the 220V input terminal by mistake. There is a short circuit in the coil.

Treatment: avoid overload, and reduce welding current. When you use a 220V single-phase power supply, it must be connected to the 220V input terminal of the welding machine. When you use the 380V two-phase power supply, it must be connected to the 380V input terminal of the welding machine. Check the coil to eliminate short circuit fault.

4. The welding machine is too noisy
The cause of the problem: coil short circuit; loose coil; moving core vibration; the fastening screw of the shell or chassis becomes loose.

Treatment: eliminate the problem coil short circuit; tighten the loose part of the coil; adjust the moving iron core and set the screws; check the fastening screws to eliminate looseness.
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