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Daily Maintenance Skills of Double-head Air Pressure High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

Learn the maintenance skills and knowledge of the double-head air pressure high frequency plastic welding machine, and repair some simple faults during the daily use of the equipment. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of high frequency machines and high frequency, and technical training services. At the same time, learn together with everyone. The following is a summary of how to daily maintain a high frequency plastic welding machine.

1. Clean up the dust of the oscillator of the high frequency plastic welding machine regularly every month, so as not to cause the electron tube to burn out due to insufficient heat dissipation and the dust to cause high frequency flashover. Cleaning method: aim at the gap or hole on the oscillating barrel with an air gun for cleaning.

2. It is necessary to clean the chassis components of the high frequency plastic welding machine with air gun regularly every month.

3. Regularly clean the dust in the cooling fan under the electron tube of the high frequency plastic welding machine every month to prevent the accumulation of dust and blockage.

4. Frequently clean up the dust or debris on the surface of the high frequency plastic welding machine equipment to avoid foreign objects falling into the chassis and causing short-circuit failure. At the same time, keeping the surface of the high frequency plastic welding machine equipment clean will also help reduce the chance of high-frequency lighter.

5. Every shaft connection, bearing, inner and outer tube of T-shaped head (T-shaped machine), slide rail, guide shaft and other parts of the mechanical part of the high frequency plastic welding machine shall be cleaned and refueled weekly. Check for loosening of screws caused by mechanical thermal movement, and provide firmness in time.

6. The starting components of the high frequency plastic welding machine should be drained and refueled (oil) regularly. Mainly check whether the pneumatic two-pieces are leaking, etc.

7. When the high frequency plastic welding machine is not in use, it should be unplugged and stored in a dry place to avoid dampening the high voltage part.

Our company is a well-known Chinese enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of high frequency welding machines, medium and high frequency induction heating equipment, ultrasonic plastic welding equipment and automation equipment. Our products are widely used in the following fields.

High-frequency ultrasonic welding embossing: manufacturing of automotive interior parts, including ceilings, carpets, door panels, sun visors, seats, etc.; manufacturing of inflatable toys, swimming pools, inflatable boats, water beds, raincoats, tents, boxes, etc.

High-frequency drying and sterilization: drying of wood, cardboard, fiber, herbs, food, sludge, etc.

High-frequency gluing: plywood, curved material forming, bonding, etc.

Low temperature plasma: chemical reaction, such as degumming.

Our quality management system conforms to the ISO9001: 2000 standard, and our company allows the "CE" mark to be affixed to our products. We accept customized orders to ensure high quality, punctual delivery and reasonable prices. If necessary, please consult.

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