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Development and Application Of High Frequency PVC Welder

With the rapid development of the market, providing welding quality of various workpieces is the problem that every manufacturer of high frequency pvc welder for sale is considering. Combined with the market development needs, Liaoning Yufei High Frequency Equipment Co.,ltd. updated the technology of high frequency PVC welder, which further improved the PVC high frequency welding machine for sale. Existing high frequency welding machine: cutting tools, drilling tools, cutting tools, woodworking tools, turning tools, bit tips, brazing, reamers, milling cutters, drill bits, saw blades, welding of glasses frames, steel pipes, copper pipes, cutting teeth, welding of dissimilar metals, composite welding of contact points of compressors, pressure gauges, relays and different materials for stainless steel pot bottom, welding and storage of transformer winding copper wire (welding of gas nozzle, welding of stainless steel meal and kitchenware). It has completely replaced traditional welding methods such as acetylene welding, oxygen welding, etc. The process of traditional welding method is complex and there are requirements for welding workers. And long-term high temperature work is also harmful to the health of workers. Heating of traditional welding method is difficult to control, and it is uneven. Oxidation is severe and welding is not firm. In short, the traditional welding process: welding quality is difficult to guarantee, and welding cost is high.

Main purposes of high frequency PVC welder: (welding of silver solder, brass solder, tin solder, and phosphor copper solder)

1. Welding of all kinds of hard alloy tool head, tool turning tool welding, thin-wall drill, welding impact drill, and drill.

2. Welding of copper pipe and copper pipe, welding of copper pipe and iron pipe, welding of iron pipe and iron pipe.

3. Welding of hard alloy saw blade, welding of diamond saw blade, welding of marble saw blade, welding of woodworking saw blade, welding of grass cutting blade, welding of aluminum slice, welding of solar energy diversion pipe, welding of oil pipe, and welding of towel rack, soap net, bath towel rack, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal terminal, hardware, heating pipe fittings and fasteners, etc.

4. Composite welding of other metal materials; Such as welding of power copper pieces lap, welding of air conditioning compressor, welding of different kinds of metal shaped parts, welding of contact and so on.

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