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Difference between High Frequency Wave and Ultrasonic Wave; Operation Matters of the High Frequency

1.The difference between high frenquency wave and ultrasonic wave:

High frequency and ultrasonic wave are two different concepts. High frequency refers to the electromagnetic wave with the frequency of more than 100Khz, while ultrasonic wave refers to the sound wave with the frequency of more than 20Khz. The welding principle of high frequency is also different from that of ultrasonic wave. High frequency will make use of the electromagnetic field to make the materials’ internal molecules collide with each other so as to produce high temperature to achieve the purpose of welding and fusion welding. And ultrasonic wave is to use the principle of heat generation by friction to produce a lot of heat to achieve the purpose of welding and fusion welding.

Because the high frequency enjoys a wide application field, so there are high frequency plastic welder, high frequency skin plastic fusing machine, high frequency folding indentation machine, high frequency metal casting machine, and high frequency metal heating machine. Due to the use of high frequency electromagnetic field, the high temperature generated is more advantageous to the welding of products, thus high frequency machine for sale is more favored.

2.The operation matters of high frequency equipment:

1) Turn on the power and start the temperature switch. It must be heated for 15 minutes first.
2) Press the emergency switch when installing the mould to prevent the machine from acting by itself.
3) After the installation, restore the emergency switch and change the manual/automatic switch to the manual position. Press the switch to lower the mould down for several times to determine whether the mould has been at the lowest point.

4) Press the rise switch to check whether it is parallel. If not, adjust the horizontal screw of the upper board.

5) Change the high frequency switch to the OFF position. Press the start switch and the machine will automatically keep operating in the whole process, but there will be no vibration for high frequency. Pay attention to whether the drop and cooling time are right or not when it is back, and it should be adjusted if it is too long.
6) After completion, change the high frequency switch to the ON position and confirm the material under the mould, and then press the start switch to start operation directly.

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