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Do You Really Understand the Difference Among High Frequency Machine, HF Plastic Welding Machine and

High frequency machine, HF plastic welding machine and RF heat sealing machine are all used for heat sealing in the factory, but there are big differences among them, the application range and products are also very different. Next, Yufei will give you a brief introduction to their differences.

The full name of the high-frequency machine is the high-frequency induction heating machine, which is mainly used for the induction heating of metal (non-contact); it can heat the metal very quickly, with advantages of power saving, small size, convenient installation, convenient operation and fast heating, which is safe and reliable.

The HF plastic welding machine, is the first choice for welding plastic products; it uses current to be converted through a high-frequency tube, and then oscillates through an oscillating cylinder to form a strong high-frequency electromagnetic field. An electromagnetic field is formed between the upper and lower electrode plates, causing the internal molecules of the plastic placed between the upper and lower electrodes to oscillate and flow, and heat energy penetrates to fuse various products. The HF plastic welding machine is a high-frequency medium heating equipment. The working principle is that dielectric materials undergo molecular polarization under the action of a high-frequency electric field, and they are arranged along the direction of the electric field. Due to the action of the high-frequency electric field, the direction changes at a very fast speed, and the dielectric material will generate heat due to dielectric loss.

The RF heat sealing equipment is also called the high-frequency heat press blister packaging machine, which mainly uses the heating plate to heat to a high temperature immediately to melt the plastic surface in contact, and then use pressure to weld the upper and lower products together. Compared with high frequency machines, heat sealers or hot presses have low cost and fast welding speed, but the disadvantage is that because welding depends on temperature, the temperature is too high, and it is easy to cause product deformation when melting.

According to the characteristics of the above three products, it can be seen that the difference between the three models is that the items targeted by the high-frequency machine and the HF plastic welding machine are essentially different. The HF plastic welding machine is mainly used for plastics, and more than 10% PVC must be used for welding. The high frequency machine is mainly used for heating and welding of metal, and only reacts to metal. For RF heat sealing equipment or thermal bonding machine, higher frequency machines are also used for soft plastics, but it has a relatively wide range of applications, not only welding PVC, but also PP, PE and other materials. It's just that the temperature is very high during the welding process, which may result in poor quality of some products.

The relationship between these three products is also obvious. Although they are different, there are some similarities between them. The HF plastic welding machine frame is also suitable for high-frequency machines or RF heat-sealing machines, such as fixed disc HF plastic welding machines are also suitable for high-frequency machines.

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