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The Fabric is Cut Off after the Sun Visor is Welded

The problem of fabric cutting after the welding of the car visor is a concern for the users of the high frequency welding machine. After the welding of sunshade plate in the traditional process, artificial tear and edge repair are required. This work can be done automatically by a high frequency machine. After the automatic welding cooling of the sunshade board, the automatic high frequency welding opportunity automatically increases, and the pressure of 20 ton is given. The pressure on the high strength mould makes the PVC fabric and textile fabric of the sunshade plate are cut off neatly. The edge of the sun visor is smooth and the beauty is much better than the effect of the artificial tear. What we need to remind the user of the high frequency machine is: when you choose the equipment, you must select the equipment to improve the protection function and control the high precision, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire and frequent damage to the mold, or the precision is not enough to reduce the fatigue loss of the tool, and increase the later cost.
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