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Factors Affecting The Performance Of High Frequency Welding Machine

There are many factors affecting the effective power output of high frequency welder. Therefore, the major high frequency welding machine manufacturers should pay attention in the production of high frequency welder. The effective output power of high-frequency welding machine is mainly affected by the following aspects:

1. Welding V Angle, the most economic and efficient Angle is between 2-3 °. In addition to electromagnetic induction heating, there are two important effects, namely skin effect and proximity effect of main principle of high frequency welding. The smaller the welding V Angle is, the closer the proximity effect will be, so that the effective output power of the welding machine can be used more effectively.

2. The shape of the two welded surfaces of the pipe should be parallel to each other. This will make the welding more efficient and the molecular diffusion between the two surfaces more uniform.

3. Welding temperature. Welding temperature plays a decisive role in the process of welding. If the temperature is too high, the welding surface will melt. If the temperature is too low, there will be false welding, resulting in weak welding. It requires the judgement from experience of an experienced "mold" master in production site. A temperature sensor can be installed at the top of the welding seam to feed the measured temperature directly into the main operating system of the high-frequency welding machine for program analysis to automatically adjust the output power and adjust the temperature of the welding seam.

4. The most critical factor affecting the performance of high frequency welding machine -- induction coil (inductor)
The sensor design should start from the following aspects:

4.1 The diameter of the inductor should be slightly larger than the diameter of the steel pipe, and the shape should be the same as the shape of the steel pipe, such as circle to circle, square to each other, and rectangle to rectangle.

4.2 Cooling of inductor should take full cooling, and uniform cooling into consideration to ensure quick and efficient cooling. Better cooling effect makes it more efficient.

4.3 The shape of the sensor and the distance between the sensor and the steel tube wall determine the output frequency as well as effective output. If the distance is too far, the frequency will be smaller, the magnetic field on the surface of the steel tube will become weaker, the induced current will become smaller, and the effective output power will be very low.

Choosing a well designed sensor is of great significance to ensure equipment stability, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption for high frequency welding machine manufacturers.

As the largest energy consuming equipment of high frequency welding machine manufacturers, high frequency welding machine must have the basic characteristics of advanced technology, first-class service, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving to help high frequency welding machine manufacturers have make a further achievement in sustainable development.
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