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Hard Alloy Cutter Welder By HF Welder Have Better Toughness

High frequency welder is widely used in carbide tool welding, turning tool, alloy saw blade, milling cutter, alloy drill for daily use and so on. The strength and toughness of hard alloy tool welded by high frequency welding machine is good. Therefore, selling high frequency welders to the tool manufacturing market is a necessary option.

Hard alloys are brittle and easy to fracture. When the improper heating method is used, the welding tool is prone to cracks. Due to the high strength required during cutting, most of the welding adopts brass welding rod or welding piece, so that the welding strength is higher, with stability and wear resistance. Therefore, the welding requirements of cemented carbide tools are high. When the heating is not uniform, it is easy to cause fracture. The solder will not weld completely when the temperature is too low (the melting point of brass is generally around 1080 degrees). Therefore, it is necessary to adopt appropriate methods for welding cemented carbide cutting tools. High frequency welding machine is widely used in the welding of carbide cutting tools. High frequency welding machine can meet the different shapes of cemented carbide tool welding. The corresponding induction heaters are made according to the different welding shapes. Choose suitable for the size of the welding power of high-frequency welding machine according to the size of the weld. High frequency welding machine can achieve the purpose of rapid heating. The oxidation layer is small, the oxidation range is small, and the heating effect is good. In a few seconds, it can heat up to brass melting point and make the welding rod melt. The high frequency welding machine can complete the welding of the carbide cutting tool which needs to be welded at one time. Hard alloy tool adopts high frequency welding machine so that it is of good strength, better toughness, and fast welding speed. High frequency welding machine can meet different shapes and sizes of cemented carbide tool welding. Is a professional high frequency welding machine manufacturing enterprises. It is committed to one model of design, production, sales of high - frequency welding machine, and after - sales maintenance.

Choose the high frequency welding machine for multi-purpose, it can solve more problems of welding (silver welding, copper welding, brazing), heat treatment (quenching, tempering, annealing), heating (hot forging, hot heading, melting, hot matching). High frequency welder is easy to operate, safe, environmentally friendly and power saving. It is a multi-purpose machine. For enterprises, automatic high frequency welding machine makes big profits with a small capital.
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