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Hazards of Non Shielding of High Frequency Equipment

A device that runs steadily and meets environmental standards should first have a shielding mechanism, with electronic components such as filtering, bypass, and isolation, and it should have an intensive anti-radiation device. Our company is involved in the investigation of the influence of high frequency radiation on the environment and human body in Zhejiang University. The results of the research have led us to adhere to a rigorous screening mechanism for high frequency devices over the years.

The harm caused by unqualified shielding institutions:

  • Long-term exposure to human radiation can lead to heart disease, fetal deformity, and the operator of light equipment can feel the heat of the device.
  • The high frequency welding equipment itself produces a parasitic oscillation, resulting in the unstable equipment operation state, prone to fire breakdown, unstable technological parameters, and vulnerable to unknown causes of components.
  • It will interfere with the digital components of the equipment, the long - term high radiation value will cause the PLC, the touch screen burn loss or the prestorage parameter to be lost.
  • Interference with the surrounding environment, numerical control equipment, computer, etc., resulting in the vulnerability of micro-electronic equipment and the chaos of the program.

The environmental protection of high frequency equipment in China has not been properly recognized. I hope you can choose the high frequency equipment that meets the national standard for your health and the production safety of your company.
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