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High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

High frequency plastic welding machine welding principle:

Working principle of HF plastic welding machine, using powerful high frequency electromagnetic field, make PVC reactive molecules flow or strenuous exercise, again with pressure, to make products up and down movement of the molecular mutual penetration, fusion, achieve the purpose of welding, which due to the intense exercise will generate heat molecules, so after high frequency welding, the product will have a certain temperature.

High frequency plastic welding welder work order is: first by the high-frequency electric tube oscillator produces high frequency electromagnetic fields, by the high frequency barrels amplifier, high frequency in barrel again by connecting tube of the copper tape to the electrode plates to welding on the mould, when the product between the upper and lower mold, strong electromagnetic fields make organic molecules flow, through the upper and lower mold, make the mutual penetration of achieve the goal of welding (welding). Because it is mutual penetration, fusion as one of the fusions, so the fusion of the product fusion site is solid, fusion appearance is bright and beautiful, such as the film cloth fusion, fusion after welding to achieve a seamless welding effect.
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