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High-frequency PVC Plastic Welding Machine to Make Inflatable Swimming Pools

Inflatable swimming pools are used for children's PVC swimming pools, PVC biogas tank welding, PVC reservoir welding, and can also be used for high-frequency welding or splicing of soft plastic plastics of any material. After the action of high frequency waves, the surface of the materials welded by high frequency is smooth, flat, beautiful and firm.

The welding of children's inflatable swimming pools requires two high-frequency PVC plastic welding machines, one is for welding the outer contour which requires the left and right sliding table with high power within 35-150KW, and the other is for welding the inflatable gas nozzle, which the small high-frequency pedal machine can be satisfied.

Generally, 2-4 high-frequency PVC plastic welding machines are needed to weld the entire children's swimming pool. Customers can choose one or more high-power high-frequency PVC plastic welding machines according to their order. Since there are many molds for welding contour, which generally are very large, so it is necessary to re-run the molds for replacement, which will greatly delay time. However, using fixed molds for multiple machines can save time, improve work efficiency, and ensure welding quality.

Advantages of high frequency PVC plastic welding machine for inflatable swimming pool:

1. Strong compatibility and high efficiency. The large-size upper platen table can meet the co-line production of products with multiple specifications. The sliding platen is equipped with a mechanical lifting mold device, which greatly saves the time for mold change.

2. The developer changes the mechanical button panel to the PLC microcomputer display mode, simplify the complicated operation interface, and accurate the parameter setting to 0.01S. According to the different processes of the workpiece, the program setting will be synchronously changed without manual labor intervene.

3. The high-precision countertop cast aluminum plate matches the welding plane requirements and can adapt to different welding processes. It is equipped with automatic welding counting function to ensure the accuracy of output.

4. It is equipped with an automatic overcurrent protection system. When the high-frequency current load exceeds the limit value, the high-frequency current will be automatically cut off instantly to protect the oscillating tube and rectifier.

5. The high-frequency PVC plastic welding machine adopts European square oscillating barrel, which has fast welding speed and saves labor cost. Compared with the traditional oscillating method, it has more power and higher efficiency.

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