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How To Choose Brazing Material Correctly When Welding Tool Steel And Hard Alloy With High Frequency

It is very important to choose brazing material correctly when using high frequency welding machine. Selecting the right filler metal will not only improve the welding quality of the product, but also often improve the efficiency and save cost. This is more profitable for high frequency welder for sale. Therefore, in welding of the high frequency welding machine, we need to choose the solder properly according to the composition of the product and welding requirements. Liaoning Unify High Frequency Equipment Co.,ltd. is a professional high frequency welding machine manufacturing enterprise, devoted to one model of design, production, high frequency welder for sale, after - sales maintenance and repair.

High frequency welder usually uses pure copper, copper zinc and silver copper solder when welding tool steel and hard alloy. These three filler metals are highly correlated in composition and vary widely in price. Choosing the right filler metal is closely related to the welding cost. We need to analyze and know the advantages and disadvantages of each filler metal and then choose the best one:

Pure copper has good wettability to welding of various kinds of hard alloy high frequency welder but the best effects are obtained by brazing in a hydrogen reducing atmosphere. At the same time, due to the high brazing temperature, the stress in the joint is large, which leads to the increase of crack tendency. The pure copper brazing joint has a shear strength of 150MPa and it is of high plasticity, but is not suitable for high temperature work. Copper zinc solder is the most commonly used brazing filler metal for high frequency welders welding tool steel and carbide. In order to improve the wettability and joint strength of the filler metal, alloying elements such as manganese, nickel and iron are often added in the filler metal for high-frequency welder. The melting point of the silver copper solder is low and the thermal stress produced by the brazing joint of the high frequency brazing machine is small, which is helpful to reduce the cracking of the hard alloy brazing. In order to improve the wettability of the solder and improve the joint strength and working temperature, the alloy elements such as manganese and nickel are often added into the solder. The above three copper - based brazing materials are very common in the application of high frequency welder. But their welding requirements are different, so that choose different copper composition of it. The brazing consumables of high frequency welder are selected reasonably according to welding strength, impact toughness and fatigue strength.

High frequency welder is easy to operate, safe, environmentally friendly and power saving. It is a multi-purpose machine. For enterprises, high frequency welder for sale makes big profits with a small capital.
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