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How to Correctly Install the Inductance Coil on the High Frequency Equipment?

The high-frequency machine inductance uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to work. When a high-frequency current passes through a wire, a certain electromagnetic wave electric field will be generated around the wire, and the electromagnetic wave wire itself will be in The induction of the wires in this electromagnetic field is called "self-inductance" on the conductor itself that generates the electromagnetic field, and the effects on other wires in this electromagnetic field are called "mutual inductance".

The characteristics of the inductance coil of the high-frequency plastic welding machine are exactly the opposite of that of the capacitor. "Blocking high frequencies and passing low frequencies" means that when high frequency signals pass through the inductance coil, they will encounter great resistance. The resistance of the inductor is small, and the resistance of the inductor to the DC is almost zero.

Inductance coil is an important component in high-frequency plastic welding machine of high frequency machine. In the circuit, according to its use, it can be divided into loop coils, coupling coils, filter coils (high-frequency machine choke coil) and other types. But its main performance can be described by the following parameters:

(1) The inductance L is used to express circuit parameters;

(2) Temperature coefficient, which represents the temperature stability of the inductance;

(3) Quality factors;

(4) Distributed capacitance Co. Although the distributed capacitance of the coil is small, it cannot be ignored at high frequencies.

(5) Current carrying density. A certain size of conductor only allows a certain value of high-frequency current to flow. When the frequency is very low, the current is proportional to the cross-sectional area of the wire. If the cross-section of the conductor is selected too small, the conductor will generate heat when a large current flows. This will increase the power loss, and the thermal deformation of the conductor will destroy the circuit stability of the high-frequency machine. Therefore, the correct installation of the inductor coil is an important step to ensure the normal operation of the high frequency plastic welding machine.

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