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How to Set the Time of High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine?

The high-frequency plastic welding machine is a special process that uses electromagnetic wave industrial technology to give soft PVC/TPU plastics heat sealing. During the production process, the current and heat required by the size of the mold can be controlled by time.

So after purchasing a high frequency plastic welding machine, how to set the time of the equipment during use? Time setting pays attention to a certain method. Today, Yufei will give you an introduction on how to set the corresponding time parameters to ensure a higher product qualification rate.

First understand that the adjustable time parameters of the high frequency plastic welding machine mainly include delay time, welding time, setting time, and rise time; and understand the meaning of the corresponding time parameters during use and master the debugging methods.

1. Delay time: the time required to close the upper platen and the product

2. Welding time: the time required for the equipment to perform the heat-sealing process

3. Setting time: the time required for product cooling after the equipment is heated

4. Rising time: the time required for the upper plate to raise the height after the product has cooled

5. The adjustment methods of delay time, welding time, setting time and rise time are the same. The common time control table is the CKC mechanical manual rotation adjustment table, which sets the required time on the four time controllers.

6. Rotate the "setting" plate, the number in the time system corresponding to the red pointer in the plastic case represents the setting time is a few seconds, the larger the value, the longer the time, the longer the rise time rotation time, and the higher the nose lift height.

After completing the above adjustments and preparations for welding, press the manual/auto button to make the machine in automatic state. (All four sets of time are displayed as normal preset time), the splicing button will test splicing, and the splicer can automatically splice once.

Observe the welding working conditions and the shape of the workpiece after welding. The high-frequency current increases slowly from small to large, and the working conditions are reset, and the melting is tried again, and the adjustment is repeated to the ideal welding condition of the workpiece. (The setting of welding time and setting time are gradually set from a short time to ideal conditions. The setting of high frequency output and welding time needs to be set gradually from small to large to maintain the life of the mold.)

After setting the ideal welding conditions, you can start production. Before production, first reset the counter to zero, then do a sonic inspection, and remove unnecessary items from the working machine before proceeding.

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