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How To Solve The Welding Problems Of PVC Membrane Welding Machine

At present, pvc membrane welding machine has been widely promoted in a number of plastic welding industry. Various welding defects are inevitable in the process of use. In this article, it mainly analyzes how to solve the problems in debugging or welding.

1. Crush and bruise

Pressing injury and abrasion are common problems in the process of pvc membrane welding machine. Sometimes it's not so serious, and it just gets white or marks. When you encounter such problems, the first thing to do is to ensure that the location of the tooling is not out of alignment. First let off the air of the cylinder, press down the welding head, and carefully observe whether the welding head position of the scratch is correct. If the welding head is in the correct position, or if the abrasion or compression occurs on the support (or lower cover), then it is necessary to observe whether there is any interference between the tooling and the product. If it is old tooling, it is suggested to clean the tooling with alcohol at this time. If it is a new fixture, lightly rub the scratch (especially at the bottom of the step) with sandpaper to prevent burrs. In addition, observe whether the air pressure of the cylinder is too large during welding, whether the film of the pad has not been changed for a long time during welding, or whether there are foreign bodies stuck on the film.

If the above work is done, the pressing injury still exists, it can be basically judged as the interference of tooling. At this time, the mold shall be modified according to the size and location of the pressing injury:
(1)slight pressing injury. File the sharp Angle of the tool at the corresponding place of the tool, blunt the sharp Angle of the tool, and then use sandpaper polishing;

(2)the pressing injury is serious, but there is no welding rib at the corresponding place. Rub off the interference part of the fixture with an air abrasive rod (be careful not to touch other parts, especially the root part of the air abrasive rod, which may be rubbed off other places without being noticed). After grinding, make it smooth with whetstone and buff with sandpaper;

(3)severe crush injury. If there is welding rib in the corresponding place, or if there is serious pressing injury and the interference part is very large, please consult with the designer. Have the processing center dealing with the modified drawing and contact the relevant personnel to confirm whether there is a problem with the injection molding, or whether to improve the product structure.

2. Material overflow

If there is any overflow in the welding process of pvc membrane welding machine, do not debug or modify the welding parameters right away. First measure the size after welding, and compare it with the normal value. Adjust according to the difference.

3. Insufficient welding strength

If it is old tooling, first stick the product on the welding head, observe whether the gap between the product and the welding head is too large in the weak welding place, to determine whether the welding head is worn; if it is a new tool, please scan it with the welding head, observe its frequency, power and curve, and make sure there is no problem with the welding head.
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