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In the Car Sunshade Welding Machine

C-type press and four-cylinder press are widely used in the automobile sunshade welding machine. The construction of  C - type press is relatively simple, it's much more material-saving and space-saving, while the four-column press is stronger and durable. Although both types of the press can meet the normal production's demand for car sunshade plate. But after a long term's application, the microscopically rigid deformation is different in the front and back ends of c-type press workbench. The four-column press also has the same problem of rigid deformation, but the difference is, the deformation is almost the same as the four dots on the edge of the four-column press workbench, the four guide pillars can receive the same stretch, which somehow makes the deformation of the table bench edge consistent with each other. The epidermis material of the car sunshade plate is PVC film, and in the microstructure deformation of the press, when the effect on the PVC film it will reflect the difference in the depth of the indentation of the HF welding. Therefore, it is very important to guarantee the welding effect and consistency to the car sunshade plate. We suggest users of the car sun visor welding machine and high frequency machine try to use the four-column press as much as possible so that the product's beauty and indentation homogeneous after a long term's application can be guaranteed.
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