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Introduction of Impulse Welding

Impulse refers to the welding current waveform is discontinuous, current size changes.

Generally speaking, pulse type spot welder refers to the sinusoidal alternating current is SCR, divided into sections of current, commonly known as pulse welder. In other words, pulse mode of operation refers to the mode of operating only once every certain interval.

At present, single pulse and double pulse are mostly used in welding.

Conventional pulse gas welding: only one pulse. All the peaks of a monopulse are the same like NNNNN. Pulse gas welding machine is the use of pulse current to achieve droplet transition welding mode, no splash, deep penetration, fine grain, high weld strength, suitable for all-position welding, from 20 a to 500A can achieve stable quality welding, welding performance is far better than the ordinary gas welding machine, is the mainstream direction of welding machine development. Double pulses are equivalent to the superposition of two single pulses with the same period and different phases. In other words, one period may have two peaks: nNnNnN.

Double pulse gas shielded welding is a welding method developed on the basis of pulse gas shielded welding. It is a welding method with alternating changes of two pulse gas shielded welding methods with different current sizes. It is mainly used in the welding of aluminum alloy, and it can produce the effect of fish-scale pattern without swing, similar to the effect of ac TIG welding. In addition, this welding method can effectively control the heat input, which is similar to the pulsed argon arc. It can be fully welded without penetration, and is suitable for all metal welding. It is an advanced welding method.

Application advantages of impulse welding machine:

There is no spatter in the welding process, the heat affected area is small, especially for the thin plate welding has obvious advantages, the consistency of energy waveform output can be guaranteed from beginning to end, and the fusion depth and weld pile height are fully consistent. Double pulse can be used for welding aluminum alloy and stainless steel. No spatter during welding, easy to operate, suitable for manual and automatic welding, arc stability, adjustable depth, beautiful shape, less porosity, excellent mechanical properties and other characteristics! It is widely used in aluminum alloy, steel ship, locomotive, automobile parts, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, colleges and research institutions, heavy industry machinery, pipe making, steel structure, coal mining machinery, etc.
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