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Main Characteristics Of Inflatable Welding Machine

Features of inflatable welding machine:

1. The operation of inflatable welding machine

Inflatable welding machine has two push dials, two work bits. The operator only needs to put the products in it, push the push plate to trigger the micro switch, and the molds go down automatically, heat up, and go up. The whole process is simple and safe with high frequency. Staff can use the machine without special training.

2. Adjustment of output force of inflatable welding machine

It adopts special low loss coaxial oscillator, which can adjust the output force at any time due to the size of the mold and the thickness of the glue. When you operate the inflatable welding machine, it will not cause interference with telecommunication with it. The adjustment of output can also be combined with the time system to maximize output. The heat sealing machine can weld the product in the shortest time and increase the production.

3. Protection device of inflatable welding machine

A: current limiting protection: when the output force regulation is too large, it will cut off the output of high cycle so as to protect the electronic tube in the machine from damage due to excessive current.

B: Spark protection of inflatable welding machine: in the process of work, if the jump fire phenomenon appears in molds, the protector will cut off the output, and the molds will automatically rise to leave the product, so that the mold will not be damaged by the jump fire.

C: Compact processing: in the process of work, the high-cycle output can be stopped at any time and the mold can be returned to the original position.

4. Heat, constant temperature of inflatable welding machine

Inflatable welding machine has high frequency self-heating. The motor also has a 2000W heating element. The thermostat preheats the mold, which reduces the welding time and eliminates flashover.

5. Rising distance of inflatable welding machine

Inflatable welding machine is equipped with a 3-position solenoid valve. It can be used in conjunction with the time system, and can adjust the rising distance of the cylinder at will, so as to reduce the time required for cylinder rollout and recovery and improve the production speed.

The main features of inflatable welding machine: it adopts PLC programming control, and the operation is simple, the production efficiency is high. It has the features of automatic walking, and precise position. There is no need to move the material and machine. One seam at a time. It has seam neat, no wrinkles, and no knife marks. Welding speed is up to 5-10m per minute.

The main application of inflatable welding machine: products are widely used in shoes clothing embossed, inflatable toys, trademarks, bags, shower curtain, carpet, packing bag, hot water bag, car seat cushion, sporting goods, plastic welding machine, stationery, PVC folding box, PVC industrial belt, medical supplies, glasses box, tents, tools, electronics, electrical appliances, blister blister vacuum packing seal, etc.
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