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The Notice of the Maintenance and Overhaul of High Frequency Equipment

The notice of the maintenance and overhaul of the high frequency equipment

Liaoning Unify high frequency equipment co., LTD. will send three team technicians from June 22, 2015, to July 3rd. They will pay back, maintain, and provide technical guidance for high frequency sunscreen welding machine, high frequency carpet welding machine, high frequency welding machine and so on. During the visit and maintenance work, we will develop a user opinion form and widely solicit the opinions and suggestions from users, which will provide us with the most effective information for improving the equipment and improving the function. The technical personnel dispatched are all experts in high frequency industry and have rich experience in designing and debugging high frequency technology. We hope to provide you with a satisfactory service.

For the customers who have booked this service, please pay attention to our WeChat public number: "high frequency equipment" or another public number "Unify high frequency" to keep track of our activities.

Also, please call me at 024-72698866 024-74566541.

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