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The Characteristics and Advantages of Yufei High Frequency Equipment

Yufei high frequency thermoelectric machines export to many countries and regions.

High frequency machine / high frequency seal machine / high frequency welding machine / high frequency plastic welding machine is the first choice of plastic heat sealing equipment, the heating principle is different from the heat transfer plastic welding machine. It uses high frequency electric field to make the plastic polar molecule twist to produce the friction heat, and then the melting temperature is uniform.

It is mainly used for plastic welding and welding of all kinds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and it will automatically weld the different shapes of bubble or shell plastic material automatically. It is suitable for the sealing of double-sided absorbing plastic, plastic foam shell and paper card, special plastic material (PE, PS, PETG), 30% or above PVC material welding is the best. The thermal processing of blister packaging (including upper and lower double blister MWCNTS trimming, blister and cardboard MWCNTS), car upholstery leather, trademark, pencil case, raincoat, blowing toys, plastic cover, water bed, footwear products, cushion, all kinds of bags, and other portable soft bags, all kinds of concave and convex shape patterns, letters of suppression, gold and so on.

The frequency stability:

The high frequency of Yufei is strictly regulated by the international radio interference commission (CISPR), it adopts industrial MHZ band 6.78/13.56/6.78/13.56, the design has filtering, bypass, isolating device, minimal interference to external equipment, and achieves the national standard radiation quantity 1/100, far superior to the national standard.

The spark suppression:

The high frequency of Yufei has high sensitivity spark suppression circuit, it can accurately detect the unbalanced current that produces sparks. When the spark is produced, the oscillation circuit is rapidly cut off, and the spark is suppressed so that the damage of the die, the raw material, and the product is reduced to a minimum, and the warning lamp is also illuminated and warned.

Automatic control of oscillating current:

The high frequency output power can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material. According to the product size, the required oscillating current is set according to the thickness, and the current is adjusted automatically to control the welding degree. This can guarantee the homogeneity of the welding quality, greatly reduce the welding time and improve the production speed of the machine.

Safety protection:

Yufei high frequency has overpressure, overcurrent protection device, it can automatically cut off the high pressure to protect the oscillator tube and the rectifier when the work is abnormal, and avoid the frequency drift caused by improper operation.

As one of the professional high frequency welding machine manufacturers, Yufei is dedicated to the research of high frequency equipment for decades. Its products exported to India, Thailand, Ukraine, Turkey, Slovakia, Russia and many other countries, and the technology has always been leading the industry level. The new model has always been leading internationally and has been well received by domestic and international customers.

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