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Notes for the Assembly of High Frequency Welding and the Difference from the Hot Melt Machine

Ⅰ. Notes for the assembly of high frequency welding

1. High frequency parameter control:

The parameters of each ultrasonic wave welding machine are tested in practice. The scope of each parameter of the high frequency plastic welder is jointly formulated by the technology and PE. We should strictly operate in accordance with the scope set on the inspection list during operation and spot inspection.

The shift technician shall check all parameters in strict accordance with the inspection table, and solve any abnormality in time.

Unauthorized personnel shall not modify the parameters of the welder without authorization, and the welding pressure of high frequency plastic welder shall not be adjusted without authorization.

2. High frequency parameter adjustment:

The tensile test should be conducted after the parameters have been adjusted. Only when the test is passed can the production begin.

It is necessary to adjust the parameters in the production process due to product damage or failed tensile test. The parameter values of the high frequency plastic welder before and after the adjustment shall be recorded in the Daily Production Report and Equipment Maintenance Record.

Ⅱ. The difference between the high frequency welder andthe hot melt machine

The high frequency machine conducts the welding of polar materials (such as PVC), and high frequency current penetration polar materials by heating up the inside and outside of the material at the same time.
The hot melt machine makes use of the heat generated by the heating wire to weld the materials. The high frequency plastic welder does not necessarily need polar materials. Materials such as PE is also adoptable as long as it can be molten by heat.

The former boasts a big power, fast heating, uniform heat, beautiful welding and high cost.
The latter is mostly used in film welding or seam welding. The high frequency plastic welder is low in cost and easy to use.

When high frequency is heating up, the mould and sizing material must be kept clean, otherwise there will be the arcing phenomenon. If it does happen, check whether the mould is burned or if there is a gap which must be repaired. If the mould is not clean, then clean it with mould washing water (banana oil). If the lubricating oil in the atomized lubricator is below the indicating line, the high frequency plastic fusing machine shall be added with special oil. The dust shall be cleaned once a month in the machine (especially the dust accumulation in the oscillator). Mechanical parts must be refueled every two to three months.

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