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Operation Procedure and Maintenance of HF PVC Welding Machine

Operation process of PVC high frequency welding machine:

1. When you plug in the power supply, turn on the power switch of the control cabinet, if the power indicator light is on, it means that the power is on normally. If the indicator light is off, check the power line.

2. In the process of using PVC high frequency welding machine, if the output fault indicator is on, generating over-current protection for some reasons, it is necessary to shut down the equipment, adjust the power, and turn the knob counterclockwise. When the power is reduced, start the machine again. Otherwise, it is easy to burn out the vibration motherboard.

3. During normal welding, clamp the welded specimen on the welding fixture and press the green button for welding. Before welding, the connecting parts should be tightened to prevent shaking.

4. Power, time and pressure are three important factors for the welding system. Workpieces of different specifications can be adjusted repeatedly according to different power, time and pressure to achieve the best welding process. After the equipment is used, turn off the power switch.

Maintenance and repair of PVC high frequency welding machine:

1. Keep welding head, die block and working object clean;

2. Check whether the cable joint is loose regularly, and tighten it in time if it is loose;

3. Wipe the equipment regularly but do not wipe it with liquid. Do not press or place fluid on the top of the main chassis for vibration;

4. Keep the air clear in the workplace. Ambient temperature should not be too high. Air cooling can be used for cooling;

5. Grease the lifting grooves and screws regularly and keep them clean and lubricated;

6. When you handle the PVC welding machine for sale, the vibration box should be separated from the machine body handling;

7. When the equipment is not used for a long time, wipe the appearance of the machine, and oil it for maintenance. Put a seal on it and place it in a dry ventilated area;

8. If there is a crack in the welding head of HF PVC welding machine, please replace it in time to avoid damage to the parts of the main chassis;

9. When operating, the vibration table must not exceed the red zone. If it indicates to exceed the red zone, reduce the number of output segment in order to reduce the pressure;

10. There are high voltage lines in the main cabinet of vibration generator of HF PVC welding machine. Non-professionals are not allowed to do in-machine repair;

11. The grounding wire of the equipment should be grounded. It cannot be connected to the power supply line to prevent high voltage leakage.
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