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Operation Procedure Of HF Welders

HF welders machine is mainly used for processing plastic products in industry. It has 5 kinds including foot type, push plate type, rotary plate type, high power and high frequency welding machine. There are different kinds and their function is also different.

HF welders machine is the preferred equipment for HF welding. The main principle is that high field polarizing plastic molecules turn repeatedly to produce friction heat, then achieving the purpose of welding. The welding temperature is uniform inside and outside. For any plastic sheet whose PVC is over 10 %, no matter how hard or soft it is, high frequency welding machine can be used for high frequency welding sealing.

Operating sequence of HF welders

1. First connect the three-phase power supply and switch, then turn on the power switch on the control box at the side of the machine, and then turn on the hot mode power switch. At this point, both the vacuum tube and the hot mold begin to warm up.

2. Install insulation and release workpieces (plastic parts) in the bottom mold. Install the upper die in the upper of the mold. Press the test mode switch. Press the mold test switch to start debugging the joint position of upper and lower molds. If the bottom joint is bad, move the bottom die. If the level is not right, adjust four pillars of upper die.

3. After the mold is adjusted, adjust the three time controllers (if it is a pedal type machine, there is only time of high frequency. ). Delay time is the time from running the upper die to pressing the lower die. High frequency time is output time, and cooling time, also curing time. The above three times need to be applied flexibly and there is no fixed value.

4. If the mold is adjusted for the first time, the homophoner should be rotated so far as 0 position.

5. If the situation has been exceeded for 10-15 minutes and the temperature has reached the required level, turn on the high frequency output switch and start the operation test.

6. When testing, if the effect is not ideal, you need to turn up the tuner slowly(turn on one by one). Then observe the ammeter, whne it grows to about 0.4a (3-4kw). 0.5a (5-8a), the product is almost ready. Then examine the product. If it is only a little, turn up or turn down a little bit until it meets the requirements. Generally, the same scale is between 30 and 60.

7. The effect of finished products should be determined by the following four aspects: A). Temperature B). The same regulation power output C). Pressure D). Output time. Please flexibly adjust the above four aspects.
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