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Operation Sequence of the High Frequency Plastic Welder

High frequency plastic welder is the first choice for plastic heat welding. It uses high frequency electromagnetic field to make the internal molecules of the material collide with each other to produce high temperature to achieve the purpose of fusion welding and welding. The self-excited electronic tube oscillator generates a high frequency electromagnetic field, and the processed object is pressed between the upper and lower electrodes with high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the internal molecules of which are excited and move at high speed to rub against each other to generate heat and melt, so as to achieve the purpose of welding or embossing under the pressure of the mold. So what is the operating sequence of the high frequency plastic welder? Next, Liaoning Yufei High Frequency Equipment Co.,ltd. will introduce to you.

The operating sequence of the high frequency plastic welder

1. First turn on the three-phase power switch, and then turn on the power switch on the control box on the machine side. If there is a high cycle switch, do not switch it on for the time being, then switch on the electric heating power switch. At this time, both the vacuum tube and the hot mold are pre-heated.

2. Put the insulator on the lower mold, install the upper mold on the upper end, and press the test mold switch to start debugging the joint position of the upper and lower molds. If the lower joint is not good, move the lower mold; If the level is not good, adjust the four pillars of the upper mold.

3. After the mold is adjusted, adjust the three time controllers (if it is a pedal machine, only the high cycle welding time). The falling time is the time of the upper mold running to the position where the lower mold is pressed, the welding time is the output time and cooling time is the curing time. The above three times need to be used flexibly, and there is no fixed value.

4. If you adjust the mold for the first time, you need to adjust the gap of the synchronous governor to the widest.

5. If the above operation time has exceeded 10 to 15 minutes and the temperature has reached the required level, turn on the high cycle switch and start the operation test.

6. During the test, if the effect is not satisfactory, you need to slowly add value on the synchronous governor and watch the screen flow meter (the value of this meter is different for different models, please refer to the manual). Then check the product. If it is not ideal, add or subtract a point value on the synchronous governor until it meets the requirements.

The above content is an introduction to the operating sequence of the high frequency plastic welder. The high frequency plastic welder must be used and operated correctly in the process of welding products, so as to better improve work efficiency and product quality, ensure the stable operation of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine. If the high frequency plastic welder is not used for a long time, the inside and outside of the machine should be cleaned, and the dust should be blown off with an air gun. And it should be sealed, and placed in a dry environment.

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