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Parameter Matching Of HF PVC Welding Machine

Why is matching at all power levels important?
As we all know, in the process of high-frequency welding, the production line is subject to various load changes, and the quality of the welding seam changes with the change of load. What we need is a consistent output, which is necessary for high-quality welds. If you do not pay attention to it, it will influence the high-frequency PVC welding machine for sale.

In the actual production process, the welding speed (speed), welding frequency, welding power, opening Angle size, impeder position, impeder working condition, magnetic flux size, steel strip thickness, welded pipe diameter, cooling water temperature, even deburring and the habits of operators of different teams will affect the load matching. Therefore, the continuous perfect match is the premise to ensure consistent welding quality. Any of the above changes in the pipe production process will cause changes in the load of the welder, which is why the high-frequency welder with the automatic matching system is the best solution to ensure the quality of the weld. For the manufacturers who pursue high quality welded pipes, no matter how the external cause (load) of the production line changes, a high-frequency welding machine can enlarge the process window intelligently. It is the most scientific and convenient way to digest these load changes through automatic matching. Liaoning Yufei High-Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional high-frequency welding machine manufacturing enterprise, devoted to one model of design, production, high-frequency PVC welding machine for sale, and after-sales maintenance.

Can voltage inverter welding machine do load matching as accurate as current inverter welding machine?
Most voltage inverter welders perform load matching by changing the contact points on the RF transformer. If load matching is to be carried out, the contact points of the transformer need to be continuously changed, which is impossible to be adjusted during the continuous operation of the welder. Through the automatic matching system, load matching of inverter current welding machine can be maintained automatically without the operator's participation. The welder can always work with the best load matching state to ensure the stable quality of the welded pipe.

Correct matching of high-frequency PVC welder can achieve goals of simple operation, safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving. It is a multi-purpose machine. For the enterprises, a high-frequency PVC welding machine for sale makes big profits with small capital.
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