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Performance and Service System of High Frequency Plastic Welder

1. Mechanical properties of high frequency plastic welder

1) The high sensitivity of the high frequency plastic welder and the American original double-tube spark protection device can effectively reducing the defects of the mold and the product, thereby greatly reducing the probability of mold burnout, ensuring the long-term high-frequency operation of the machine, greatly extending the life of the machine, and reducing machine failures.

2) The HF plastic welder uses stepless electrode adjustment, which is simple and easy to learn.

3) The high frequency plastic welding machine is equipped with a high-frequency frequency stabilizer and a high-frequency shielding device to minimize high-frequency interference.

4) The automatic overcurrent protection system of high-frequency plastic welding machine increases the service life of the vacuum tube and protects the mold.

5) Imported fan of high-frequency plastic welding machine, with larger and more stable wind, makes the service life of the vacuum tube longer.

2. Yufei high frequency plastic welder service system

1) Pre-sale: 

Provide professional technical consultation for high-frequency plastic welding machines according to customer needs. Analyze customer's needs and operating environment, and then design product production and processing programs suitable for users.

2) In-sale: 

Provide users with standardized and systematic professional technical training for high frequency plastic welding machines, and conduct practical demonstrations of high-frequency plastic welding machines. Provide maintenance common sense consultation, and one-stop service such as installation and commissioning.

3) After-sales service: 

According to the customer's needs, establish the use and maintenance files of the high frequency plastic welding machine, grasp the customer's use status at any time, and provide professional 24-hour maintenance and after-sales service.

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