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Precautions for Automatic High Frequency Welding Machine at Work

There are a variety of operational matters during the work of the automatic high-frequency welding machine. Below, based on the things that we have often found in the automatic high-frequency welding machine that has been used, it is classified into the following ten points of attention, which will make your high-frequency machine life longer and smoother during operation. Please follow them.

1. The automatic high frequency welding machine generally needs to wait 5-15 minutes each time it is turned on, which is beneficial to the preheating of the electronic vacuum tube of the machine and protects the service life of the tube, which is very important to notice. If the machine has been idle for a long time, please warm up for a longer time, which can better protect the tube, so as to avoid damage to the tube.

2. The automatic high frequency welding machine must be equipped with a good grounding protection terminal, that is, connected to the correct ground wire, which is conducive to the protection of personal safety of the welding equipment. The upper and lower electrodes or molds of the machine cannot be directly touched together, where must have insulators or working parts, that is, when the working parts leave the machine, the upper and lower electrodes or molds cannot be directly contacted.

3. When outputting an automatic high frequency welding machine, please remember not to directly touch the output end of the upper electrode of the machine (ie the upper die of the welding machine) with your hands which shall not be directly measured by a universal meter, test meter, or other instruments with low-frequency and low-voltage. In this way, there will easily be an accident, which is extremely incorrect operation of the high cycle welding machine.

4. If the automatic high frequency welding machine sparks, first check the flatness of the processed parts, whether the work surface is clean, and then whether the insulation material is in good condition. Once it is found to be damaged, burned, or broken, please replace it immediately with insulating material, preventing direct contact between the upper and lower electrodes, which can prevent damage to the machine, machine molds and processed parts.

5. When the automatic high frequency welding machine is working, the electronic vacuum tube will generate high heat. Therefore, the machine cannot be placed next to the machine that generates high heat, or other space with higher temperature, and it is also not suitable to be placed directly in the sun. These environments are not recommended for the important components of the machine, such as vacuum tubes, which are not conducive to heat dissipation.

6. The parts processed by the automatic high frequency welding machine should be free of moisture and dust as much as possible. Pay attention to keeping it clean and dry, otherwise the machine will easily cause ignition.

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