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Precautions for the Use of Leather Embossing Machine

Liaoning Yufei High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. has the most professional technicians and the best leather embossing equipment. Below are the top 10 things that Yufei will tell you when using. 

10 Things You Have to Know About High Frequency Embossing Machine

1. This unit must be equipped with a good ground terminal (connected to the correct ground wire).
2. The high frequency embossing machine is extremely sensitive to moisture and dust and needs to be placed in a suitable working space.
3. The vacuum tube of the machine will generate high heat, so it should not be placed next to the machine that will generate high heat, nor should it be installed in the place where the solar energy is directly irradiated. For the above reasons, the heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube will be affected.
4. If the machine is shut down for more than one hour, and then turn on the machine, wait 10-15 minutes for the vacuum tube to warm up and protect the service life of the vacuum tube.
5. The upper and lower extremes of the machine (upper and lower molds) must not be directly touched together, and there must be insulation and work pieces between them.
6. When operating, when high-cycle output, remember not to touch the upper output (ie, the upper die), nor can you use the universal meter, test meter or other low-frequency, low-voltage instruments to try to directly measure the upper output. This will lead to an accident.
7. Regularly inspect the insulation of the lower (lower mold). If there is damage, burnt, or breakdown, you need to replace the insulation immediately. Otherwise, if you continue to work, sparks will occur and the process cannot be completed.
8. If sparks occur frequently (when the upper and lower molds are touched together, high-cycle output) without checking the repair, the machine parts may be damaged and affect the work.
9. The work used to make the finished product should be as free of moisture and dust as possible, because the above objects, sparks are easily generated.
10. When the machine is turned on, you will hear the sound of the fan turning (4KW, 5KW sound is small). This is used for heat dissipation of vacuum tubes. If the fan fails, it must be repaired immediately, otherwise the vacuum tube will be damaged.

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