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Principle and Application Range of HF Welding Machine

I.Principle of HF welding machine:

High frequency welding machine adopts high frequency heating method. High frequency heating can be divided into high frequency induction heating, high frequency medium heating, high frequency plasma heating and microwave heating according to different frequency range. Its working principle is: wood, rubber, synthetic resins and other materials are with high electrical impedance of alternating and direct currents, and their thickness within 0.08-2mm. When they are under the action of high frequency electromagnetic field and certain external pressure, the molecular structure of the material is rapidly destroyed, making the molecules move at high speed and instantly generate heat and weld together. The heating speed is proportional to the high frequency.

II. The application range of hf welding machine is mainly divided into the following categories according to industry:

(1)automotive interior products: car sunshade, car door, steering wheel cover, anti-lattice thermal bonding, reflective tape thermal bonding, reflective film thermal bonding, pad welding, pad embossing, car cushion, seat back, car roof, car interior panel, car sound-absorbing cotton indentation, car sticker, etc.

(2)label of shoes, hats and apparel: vamp embossing, sole heat sealing, insole embossing, insole welding, hat embossing, garment embossing, raincoat thermal bonding, poncho thermal bonding, rain gear welding, trademark thermal bonding, badge, leather label thermal bonding, flocking fabric embossing, etc.

(3)plastic packaging sealing: plastic thermal sealing, plastic fuse, packaging bag thermal sealing, plastic welding, PVC packaging, hot water bag, electric appliance blister packaging, tool packaging sealing, PVC folding box, hardware blister sealing, battery packaging sealing, electronic products blister sealing, toothbrush packaging, PVC welding, plastic embossing, etc.

(4)accessories, toys and stationery: craft welding, accessories thermal bonding, gift packaging, toy thermal bonding, toy packaging, toy welding, toy embossing, stationery embossing, basketball embossing, stationery blister packaging, sports goods packaging, business card inner page thermo-bonding, photo album thermo-bonding, photo thin thermo-bonding, glasses box thermo-bonding, CD bag thermo-bonding, mouse pad thermo-bonding, mirror box welding embossing, etc.

(5)category of door mat, foot mat and carpet: PVC door cushion embossing, door cushion welding, plastic door cushion embossing, carpet embossing, floor cushion welding, foot cushion embossing, seat cushion embossing, s-type foot mat welding cushion, electric car seat cushion embossing, foot mat welding, locomotive seat cushion, seat cushion welding, etc.

(6) medical supplies: disposable blood transfusion bag, catheter bag, catheter bag, external drainage bag, emergency ambulance stretcher, PVC oxygen mask, PVC oxygen bag, medical clinical identification belt, anti-bedsore mattress, medical ice pad, anti-bedsore cushion, blood transfusion bag, infusion bag, medical rinsing bag, medical sphygometer bag, medical energy pad, etc.
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