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Principle and Industry Application of the Automatic High Frequency Welding Machine

Ⅰ. The principle of automatic high frequency welding machine

The basic principle of the automatic high frequency welding machine is to use high frequency electric field to make the molecules in the plastic move at a high speed to generate heat, and to fuse various products together. The electromagnetic field generated by the oscillation of the high-voltage rectifying and self-excited electron tube instantly changes the plastic molecules, and under the action of pneumatic external force and the mold, the effects of welding, cutting, sealing, and inlay can be achieved. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and the efficiency is high. It is suitable for welding and cutting large plastic products. The process is simple and the effect is good. Therefore, automatic high frequency welding machines are increasingly widely used in all walks of life.

Ⅱ. Main application industries of the automatic high frequency welding machine

1. The automatic high frequency welding machine is widely used in the toy and daily commodity industry, such as: stationery, stickers, plastic covers, inflatable toys, water beds, watch straps, watches, electronics, toys, inflatable toys, cardboard hardware, gifts, CD bags, packaging bags, eye boxes, albums, photo albums, business card albums, notepads, electronic products, tools, sporting goods, batteries, blister packaging and sealing, handicrafts, locks, heat-seal welding and others.

2. The automatic high frequency welding machine is used in the automotive industry for the heat welding of various plastic materials, such as: carpet embossing, soft film ceiling welding, mold structure welding, PVC canvas heat sealing, PVC rolling door welding, PVC door mat welding, PVC spray mat embossing, PVC tent welding, screen heat welding, PVC projection cloth welding, industrial belt welding, industrial belt skirt welding and other plastic welding, such as: automotive interior parts, cushions, sun visors, door panels, leather pads, door plank handguard and the welding and cutting of sun louver, with particular emphasis on design and construction to meet the needs of customers.

3. The automatic high frequency welding machine is suitable for the processing of PVC mixed materials such as leather materials and cotton cloth in the apparel processing industry. It is suitable for the embossing of genuine leather, cloth, footwear, raincoats, trademarks, rain sails, umbrellas, leather bags, uppers, hand bags, soles, name plates, various fabrics, leather products and for welding and cutting. It can be applied for leather embossing, artificial leather embossing, polar fleece embossing, PVC leather embossing, badges, heat-sealing embossing for shoes and hats, clothing embossing, leather embossing, hat embossing, silicone embossing, concave-convex embossing, etc.

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