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High Disposition Car Sunvisor Welder

High Disposition Car Sunvisor Welder

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Equipment Description of High Disposition Automotive Sunvisor Welder

Our company's production of high-frequency welding machines for sun visors of cars introduce advanced technology and major components, complete product range, stable quality. It can also be customized according to customer requirements of various machines. Products have passed the "National Quality and Technical Supervision" quality inspection.

This car visor high-frequency heat sealing machine has strong output and can shorten the high-frequency time. It can weld the products in the most rapid time and greatly increase the production capacity of automobile visor heat sealing machine. It is equipped with a stepless heating temperature control system device according to different products. Production and processing needs can be adjusted to a suitable temperature, improve work efficiency, and make finished products more perfect. It also has an automatic over-current protection system to provide protection for vacuum tubes and protect the sun visors of high-frequency heat sealing machines.

The functional description of High Disposition Automotive Sunvisor Welder

The high sensitive spark protection circuit, one-millionth of a second movement;
Line filter protection and avoid electric field radiation make the equipment stable operation.
The radiation value of the electromagnetic field is superior to GB18555-2001 standard.
The cutting function through secondary pressure can be used to tear the extra edge of the sun visor, which is more neat and beautiful.
PLC control, touch screen operation
Prestore of a large amount of technical parameters
Set technology parameters digitally at different times
Fault self-diagnosis and screen displaying
Advanced grating protection technology
Push the mold sliding into the station. The upper and lower dies have a positive limit;
The mold is automatically clamped in place;
Upper die automatic clamping and pneumatic lifting;

PACKAGE of High Disposition Automotive Sunvisor Welder

The package of the inside machine is a plastic wrap. The package of the outside machine uses fumigation wooden box. Our wooden box is very strong and can sail at sea for a long time. With a cling film machine, seawater can be prevented from entering the machine and corroding the machine.

The help we can provide:

Warranty 12 months
We believe that the best after-sales service does not require after-sales service, and strive to improve the quality of equipment. All efforts to make products safe, comfortable and trouble-free.
Perfect protection circuit to avoid the damage for molds and workpieces
Certificates available: CE, ISO9001, CSR, High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring Report

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