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HF Welders

The theory of radio frequency plastic welding equipment: Under the impact of the high frequency electric field, the positive and poor charges of the substance to be heated displace to shape electric powered pole polarons. The polarons polarize persistently to cause the molecules to produce the intense friction to provide heat out. The electric subject energy absorbed with the aid of the substance changes into heat energy to recognize the purpose of heating.

Types of materials that can be welded by radio frequency welding machine: PVC, PU, PET, PETG, Pilofilm, TPU & MORE.
A wide variety of products are made with radio frequency welding machine, such as interior trim, medial bags, inflatale products, etc.

Insulation Cardboard Drying Machines

Using the different shapes of moulds and the exceptional dielectric losses of the quite a number substances, the non-compulsory heating to the substance to be heated can be realized, the energy can be aimed to the correct position. This is why high frequency heating has a very high heating efficiency.

Non-Woven Heat Welding Machine

The non woven fabric welding machine makes use of a programmable controller to furnish PID manage principle, manage DC regulated electricity grant device, fully automatic adjust variable modern-day pulse, manage plate temperature, and provide a controllable heating temperature for substances to heat materials. It has the benefits of quick heating speed and controllable heating time.

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