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Automobile Curtain HF Welder

Automobile Curtain HF Welder

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The double-deck platform is adopted for the equipment structure model, which saves the floor area effectively, and improves the efficiency of the double slide transmission automatically. Many of the equipment made by our company used this structure.

Next, I will introduce some of the main configuration information of the device.

First, the equipment uses the German SIEMENS SIEMENS brand PLC and touch-screen control system. The process parameters are digitalized and equipped with fault self-diagnosis function.
  • The pressurized way adopts the Japanese brand - YUKEN hydraulic device.
  • The appliance component uses the French Schneider SCHNIEDER brand.
  • The spark tube is the NATIONAL brand imported from the United States
  • Toshiba tube for Japanese original Toshiba TOSHIBA

After years of equipment manufacturing verification, the above brand accessories are the most stable and reliable and durable.

All the key parts of the equipment are international frontline brands, with rigorous and perfect mechanical and electrical design, the quality of the equipment can be completely international leading, but the price is only five to 1/10 of the European equipment.

The equipment has the function of automatic mould recognition, which can identify the replacement moulds and automatically adjust the corresponding process parameters.

In terms of working stability, the equipment is equipped with an automatic power tracking function, which can automatically adjust the current and keep away from the critical point of fire.

In addition, the nl5557 thyristor device in the United States, in conjunction with the highly sensitive spark protection circuit developed by our company, directly acts on the high frequency generator to achieve 1/100000 second level of spark interception protection, and the maximum degree of protection of raw materials and dies.

The above functions can achieve multiple protection and provide a strong guarantee for high yield.

At the same time, the full line shielding protection can effectively avoid the influence of electric field radiation on other electronic equipment, and can be far superior to the national standard, and keep the equipment running stable and reliable. I'll show you the related test report later.

What should be emphasized here is that GB18555-2001 is the national compulsory standard, the technical regulations have the legal nature, and the equipment which exceeds the standard of electromagnetic radiation is forbidden to use and sell according to the requirements of quality supervision and the Environmental Protection Bureau. In order to avoid disputes in safety and management, I sincerely suggest that you use high-frequency machines that can be tested by regular organizations. This also protects your staff from radiation hazards. (with display video and certificate).

Finally, a function in the scheme is not yet available for selection. The Internet of things monitoring system, this system can achieve equipment operation management, remote fault management, the implementation of online monitoring, to achieve the initiative after the passive after-sales purpose. The fault handling time can be shortened effectively so as to reduce the losses caused by failures.

This function can be properly added to your company.

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