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Automobile Interior Trim Welders

Liaoning Yufei company research and development production of radio frequency welding machine / ultrasonic welding machine by high frequency, ultrasonic welding principle, it can be realized automatic/semi-automatic welding of all kinds of automotive interiors and components. The principle of High-frequency machine produced by Liaoning Yufei high-frequency welding equipment co,.Ltd is able to achieve all kinds of automotive interior components and provide automated / semi-automated welding solutions. It is used for high-frequency automotive carpet/mats welding machine, high-frequency sun visor fusing machine, high-frequency car panel. The machine in Liaoning Yufei company is designed for product enhancements. It can be used for mending tarpaulins, inflatable products or waterbeds. This high-frequency welding equipment is also used in automobile, blister packaging, clothing, and medical industries.
  • High Disposition Car Sunvisor Welder

    High frequency welding machines for sun visors of cars introduce advanced technology and major components, complete product range, stable quality.

  • 25kw High Disposition Automobile Carpet Welder

    Mainly application of 25kw High Disposition Automobile Carpet WelderProfession for car carpet high-frequency welding, automatic, full screen, digital parameter setting, perfect protection function, th...

  • 8kw General Car Mat Welding Equipment

    8kw General Car Mat Welding Equipment High sensitive spark protection system, improve product qualification rate, protect mold and work-piece from fire damage.

  • Automobile Curtain HF Welder

    The double-deck platform is adopted for the equipment structure model, which saves the floor area effectively, and improves the efficiency of the double slide transmission automatically. Many of the e...

  • Car Seat Embossing HF Welder

    Equipment Description of Car Seat Embossing Hf WelderThe two sides of the slide can be set up with three sections of adjustable time, adjustable power, and adjustable pressure.Electromagnetic radiatio...

  • Automobile Car Panel HF Welder

    Mainly application of Automobile Car Panel HF WelderUsed in auto obile inner decoration, car carpet, celling, door trim board, sun visor, chairs, etc.Machine General Features of Automobile Car Panel H...

Application of the Automobile Interior Trim machine

- protective clothing,
- sports clothing and shoes,
- automobile parts,
- medical product,
- blister packaging accessories.

Company Automobile Interior Trim Welders products:

Car wheel cover with insulation cotton ultrasonic welding machine, high car heel pad welding machine, high-frequency welding machine for automotive sun visors, car door panel embossed plastic welding machine, car seat embossing high-frequency welding machine, etc.

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