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HF Welders

The theory of high frequency welding equipment: Under the effect of the high frequency electric field, the positive and negative charges of the substance to be heated displace to form electric pole polarons. The polarons polarize repeatedly to cause the molecules to produce the intense friction to give heat out. The electric field energy absorbed by the substance changes into heat energy to realize the purpose of heating.

Machine classification of HF Welders

The high frequency welding machine can be divided as follows according to the industry: HF plastic welding machine, RF heat sealing equipment, medical bag making machine and car interior heat sealing welding equipment, inflatable thermal welding equipment, radio frequency plastic welding machine, membrane structure canvas welding equipment, industrial belt skirt side baffles welding machine, non-woven heat sealing welding equipment, packaging blister heat sealing equipment, flexible organ type shield welding machine, eva embossing machine, high frequency welding mold and so on.

Application of HF Welders

HF plastic welding machine is mainly used for plastic welding, welding, and stamping of various PVC. Blister packaging (including upper and lower double blister MWCNTS trimming, blister and cardboard MWCNTS trimming, etc.), all kinds of car inner decoration, cushion, logo, stationery, stickers, toys, plastic cover, blowing rain sails, leather bags, nameplate, water bed, sun visor, car doors, all kinds of bags, such as a thermal processing, concave and convex decorative pattern design of the switch of repression. High frequency welding machine can be used in the medical supplies industry | clothing embossed plastic, plastic packaging industry processing industry | car inner decoration industry | inflatable toy industry of household products industry, and various plastic products processing and heat sealing welding sealing.

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