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Inflatable Products Welders

The scope of inflatable product high-frequency welding machine in LiaoningYufei company can be used as follows:

  • inflated Toys welding
  • medical bag Welding ;
  • Air bag Welding;
  • Raincoat Rain Gear Welding;
  • Handbags Welding;
  • Stationery stickers Welding;
  • Leather Embossing;
  • Footwear Trademark Welding;
  • Car Seat Cushion Welding;
  • Cloth Embossing;

It mainly applies to plastic packaging, double blister sealing packaging, plastic Elevators sealed packaging, double-sided paper clip plastic cover heat sealing packaging, inflatable toys, raincoats, umbrellas, purses, handbags, stationery, stickers, leather embossing, footwear trademarks, auto pillow, cloth embossing and any PVC or PVC content of  more than 30% of the plastic welding. Besides, Inflatable product high frequency welding machine in LiaoningYufei is the typical High Frequency Welding Machine which is designed and made for making Tents ,Military Tents , Military Cover ,Outdoor PVC Tension Membrane,PVC waterproof membrane ,Shade Membrane Canopy,Tension Membrane Structure,strong membranes structure with good tension(PVC,Aluminum Alloy),tensile structures,fabric structures,car structure canopy ,High tensile fabric membrane structure,Tensile Membrane Structure,Outdoor Fabric Shade Cover ,Tensile Membrane Construction and many application related to tarpaulin or PVC &PU coated fabric.

Inflatable Products Welders Main Application:

Applied for Inflatable Tent, tarpaulin, sunshade, canvas, painting canvas, film curtain and relatives for automatic stepping welding and connecting.

All products can be customized by our clients. Customers can feel be free to contact us for more details.

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