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Insulation Cardboard Drying Machines

Insulation Cardboard Drying Machines
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Under the effect of the high frequency electric field, the positive and negative charges of the substance to be heated displace to form electric pole polarons. The polarons polarize repeatedly to cause the molecules produce the intense friction to give heat out. The electric field energy absorbed by the substance changes into heat energy to realize the purpose of heating.

Using the different shapes of moulds and the different dielectric losses of the various substances, the optional heating to the substance to be heated can be realized, the energy can be aimed to the correct position. This is why high frequency heating has a very high heating efficiency.

Model-YF-HFM-35B high frequency drying equipment is mainly used for drying and forming of cardboard and board.

The composition and characteristics of high frequency drying equipment

High frequency drying equipment consists of DC high voltage power supply, high frequency oscillator, eletric-magnetic field shielding device, control system, match system, working electrode and hydraulic press. The hydraulic press is equipped with hydraulic system.

Besides the time setting, the heating process of the equipment has the overcurrent protection and hydraulic system over-pressure protection. The RF dryer equipment also has the blower overheat protection. So RF dryer equipment has the features of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and the environment protection. The high frequency drying equipment can satisfy the requirement to be used in various working environments.

Insulation cardboard pre-forming process

Insulation board need long time soaking, the water should be pure water, free of impurities and ions. After soaking, softening cardboard need repeatedly curl, knead and press. Let it have better forming performance. Before putting mold in, it is best to get rid of excess moisture. All the jobs should prepare well before one forming working shift.

When molding, fist step, putting good plasticity softening cardboard to lower mold with nailed cotton, make it in right position and spreading, let larger wrinkles come to  smaller wrinkles as far as possible, if necessary, can beat the wrinkles by gavel. And then use wheel with convex and concave groove to flatten cardboard with uniform pressure. Finally, covered with pure cotton white cloth (not allowed to have wrinkles). At this time, can press upper mold onto lower mold and keep a certain pressure, connect high-frequency power. After a certain period of time, the angle Rings can reach dry molding purposes.