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Medical Bags Welders

Liaoning Yufei high-frequency welding equipment co,.ltd has been developing and manufacturing machines  for the medical industry for over 60 years. We have created multiple solutions for the production of urine bags, blood bags, waste bags etc. It's adjustable to the different size of end products. Strong and durable construction of medical bag making machine has been designed for safely operating and long lifetime. Liaoning Yufei high-frequency welding equipment co,.ltd medical modular construction system allows the machine to be tailored-made in order to suit all customer demands. This approach requires from us to work in close cooperation with the customer ensuring the adequate final result.

High-frequency medical bags welding machines including blood bag machine and urine bag making machine are widely used in medical industry, which is suitable for PVC, TPU medical infusion bags, medical blood bags, medical catheter bags, wash bags, drainage bags, leg bags and other disposable medical supplies welding and forming;
These machines usually adopts PLC programme, microcomputer touchscreen control, easy and clear to reach precision NL-5557 high sensitive anti-spark protection system, Photoelectric induction, without any defects Automatic feeding, receiving, cutting material to improve working efficiency.

Medical Bags Welders Application:

It is widely used in medical industry, suitable for all kinds of the pipe welding and forming of medical bags, blood bags, urine bags, water bag products of PVC, TPU and other materials. For example: disposable medical supplies bag for medical transfusion bag, medical transfusion bag, medical guide bag, washing bag, drainage bag and leg bag; It is also widely used in health water beds and inflatable beds.

Medical Bags Welders Features:

The machine is certified by CE