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Non-Woven Heat Welding Machine

Non-Woven Heat Welding Machine
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Heating principle and application of non-woven welding machine

Non-woven fabric welding machine uses a programmable controller to provide PID control principle, control DC regulated power supply device, fully automatic adjust variable current pulse, control plate temperature, and provide a controllable heating temperature to heat materials. It has the advantages of fast heating speed and controllable heating time.

The YF-HFM15-A type non-woven direct heat welder for sale is mainly used for the heat splicing of non-woven materials.

Composition and characteristics of non-woven fabric welding machine

This non woven welding machine is mechatronics equipment controlled by an industrial computer. It mainly consists of two sets of high-power DC controllable power supply, hydraulic press, and pneumatic system, PLC control, touch screen operation display system.

Because of the adoption of the latest S7-200 series of PLC and Smart 1000 V3 touch screen of Siemens, besides simplifying the operation procedure and realizing a higher degree of automation, the setting and modification of multiple sets of operating parameters are more accurate and convenient. It also contains all instructions, instructions, fault self-diagnosis and equipment operation status information.

The PID temperature system controlled by computer digitally can effectively control the temperature change, which is caused by the sharp change of load. The unstable factors affecting the thermal bonding quality are eliminated, and the operator can effectively control the thermal bonding quality.
It is easy to adjust the working pressure by setting the working pressure of the electronic proportional relief valve and touch screen.

Non-Woven Heat Welding Machine For Sale