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Repair of HF Plastic Welding Machine

HF plastic welding machines are familiar in the plastic welding industry. Because the equipment is powerful and has a wide range of applications, such as the medical industry, automotive industry, inflatable industry, household industry, packaging industry and industrial membranes which are all inseparable from the high-frequency process. Many senior electricians are confused when encountering high-frequency failures in the process of using it. There are some failures encountered during the use of high-frequency.

First of all, the HF welding equipment is a device that applies high-frequency dielectric heating technology to the field of plastic packaging. A high-frequency electric field is generated through an electronic self-excited oscillator and applied to the electrode, under which the molecular structure of plastic produces polarization phenomenon and generates heat itself, which will achieve the purpose of hot melting under the action of pressure.

Over the years, we have focused on the production and customization of HF plastic welding machines with tailor-made high-frequency solutions for plastic welding processes, and help customers solve difficult product positioning problems through our technology. Moreover, our equipment has the characteristics of fast welding speed, which allows customers to quickly enter the market operation model.

The common problems of HF plastic welding machine are mainly divided into two major sections: ignition and high voltage failure. The high-frequency problems can be analyzed according to the failure phenomenon of the equipment, so as to make a correct judgment or replace the damaged parts.

Ⅰ. The repair of HF welding equipment includes the following aspects:

1. Mold ignition

2. Oscillator ignition

3. VC capacitor chip ignition

4. Spark failure

5. Output copper chip failure

Ⅱ. The high-voltage faults of HF welding equipment include:

1. Tube failure

2. Capacitor failure

3. ballast failure

4. Resistance failure 

5. Transformer failure 

6. Oscillator failure

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