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Application and Accessories Selection of HF Machine

HF machine is widely used in the automotive interior decoration industry, such as high frequency sunshade machine, high frequency automobile carpet welding machine, high frequency automobile door plate machine, and so on.

For the above models developed by our company, each high frequency welding machine is specially designed for specific products. In the development of automobile sunshade welding machine, we fully consider the sunshade welding process.
In the past, after solder welding, excessive solder tearing and repairing time and labor cost, we took the lead in the industry to introduce the secondary pressure edge-cutting function into the high frequency sunshade machine. After welding the sunshade, only gently tear the edge to obtain the smooth edge of the sunshade products.

In the selection of HF machine vacuum tube, we are using Toshiba original vacuum tube, to ensure the reliability of hf machine power output.
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