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Application of HF Plastic Welding Machine

HF plastic welding machine is widely used in automobile industry, electronic industry, medical industry, home appliance industry, non-woven clothing, office supplies, packaging industry, toy industry, etc.

For example, body plastic parts, car doors, car meters, lights and mirrors, sunshades, interior trim, filters, reflective materials, reflective spike, bumper, cable, plastic filters for motorcycles, radiators, brake fluid tanks, oil cups, water tanks, fuel tanks, air pipes, exhaust gas purifiers, pallet filters;

Plastic electronics: prepaid water meter and electricity meter, communication equipment, cordless phone, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone shell, battery shell, charger, valve-controlled sealed maintenance lead-acid battery, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, Bluetooth;

Toy stationery: folder, photo album, folding box, PP hollow board, pen case, ink box, toner cartridge;

Medical daily: watches, kitchen utensils and appliances, oral liquid bottle caps, drip bottle caps, mobile phone accessories, king soft brush, daily necessities, health supplies, children's products, air mattress, hangers, handle, garden supplies, kitchen ware, showers, king soft brush, shower head, anti-fake bottle, cosmetic bottle, coffee pot, washing machines, air dehumidifier, electric iron, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, speakers metal surface cover and civil grille, etc.

All these products can be made with HF plastic welding machine.

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