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Application of Solid-State High Frequency Equipment in High Frequency Welded Pipe Production

The solid-state high-frequency welding machine is different from the electron-tube high-frequency welding machine. The electron-tube radio frequency welding equipment has output welding transformer. The induction coil is installed on the secondary side of the welding transformer, which is easy to match. Solid state HF welder in addition to the low working voltage, at the same time slot way capacitance and induction coil, wear on the welding steel pipe resonant directly, because there was no welding, less level of coupling, significantly higher efficiency, and then the production of induction coil, strict and standard, make it match, due to the voltage at the same time, the low induction coil diameter and welding steel pipe diameter (the clearance of v-shaped opening) can be reduced, and it is one of the factors of improving the efficiency of welding. One thing is certain, the induction coil strict and the standard manufacture produces the benefit is far higher than the induction coil manufacture expense.

Insulation of induction coil
(1) more than two (including two) induction coil, need to wear PTFE tube, in order to reduce unnecessary ignition phenomenon.
(2) the induction coil with two inner copper bands shall be wound around the Teflon belt, and then around the alkali free belt, and then soaked in insulating paint or resin for drying.
(3) the induction coil must be matched with the Unify RF welding machines for sale to produce good results, otherwise all previous efforts will be wasted. In order to correct the traditional habit of using induction coil with electron tube equipment, in order to achieve the best power saving effect of solid-state high-frequency equipment, in addition to the use of solid-state high-frequency equipment, the choice of matching induction coil is also critical.

Through further understanding of the welding mechanism and mechanical adjustment basis of the solid-state high-frequency induction heating equipment used in the straight welded pipe, it can be found that the electromechanical cooperation of the unit is particularly important when the solid-state high-frequency induction heating equipment is used in the welding of the straight welded pipe. Only by accumulating experience in production and adjusting the material selection and shape of welding, machinery and induction coil to the best state, can the whole production line give play to higher efficiency and generate greater economic benefits.
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